Sunday, September 19, 2004

Dear Blog

It's nothing like starting a Blog to have a friend direct you to a study done in the UK that seems to indicate keeping a diary is bad for your health! I guess I can count this to being another reason why I will not turn this Blog into a personal diary. Al through I must admit I am a bit sceptical about such research.

Apparently because one keeps a diary, one tends to brood over any misfortunes that happen in ones life. Instead of being able to write problems off and getting them out of your head, you apparently keep brooding over them.

Like I said I personally do question research like this. Of course one news item on a website hardly does credit to the entire research. But I am curious to other effects that may be involved here. Human beings are very diverse creatures and I would assume the effects to be different on different individuals with different personal backgrounds and events. I would be interested to read a bit more about the correlation between writing a diary and being in worse mental and/or physical state. Especially how the researchers managed to rule out any other factors. A short news item on the internet sadly does not offer enough insight into this.

For anybody interested the news regarding this can be found at:


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