Sunday, September 19, 2004

Once upon a blog...

I must admit I have never understood the fascination with the entire Blog or weblog phenomenon. At times I have viewed it with an odd curiosity as to why people actually maintain this type of "virtual dairy" and at times I've simply ignored it's existence. Throughout my time on the internet I have however never really seen the appeal of it. I've even declared some of my friends quite mad when they started one.

So, now I've started my own so called "Blog". While I've been active on the Internet since 1995 (and before that I've been active with my own BBS), my knowledge of the entire "Blog scene" is exceptionally limited. Fuelled, I must admit, by my previously mentioned lack of any real interest in the phenomenon. Still, here we are.

What will this Blog hold? This is actually a question I can not answer at this time. Given my interests it might be a mix of this amateur views on politics' and philosophy and a more professional outlook on the information technology field. The last one being how I make a living. One thing it won't be however is some sort of personal diary. I guess that comes from my strange notion that total strangers will not be that interested in the personal events that form my own little world. Well, that is one among many reasons why not actually. I hope anybody who reads this will be able to forgive me for this.

On that note, I formally, yet humbly, open this Blog. And there was much rejoicing!.... (I hope)


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