Saturday, October 23, 2004

Arrays! Arrays everywhere, yet not a single one to use

One of the most dreaded variables in Visual Basic 6 is the Array. In every other programming language, this gentile variable is easy to use and an asset to any serious programmer. In Visual Basic 6 however Array's are scary, unfriendly bulky monsters used to scare beginning programmers. So you'd think they would fix that in Visual Basic.Net. Well, sort off...

In .NET we have actually have Arrays, ArrayLists, HashLists and SortedLists. With so many options one needs to be good right?! So lets go over them.

Arrays: Still your VB6 nightmare variable. Confusing to use, clumsy to walk through and to fill and not to mention multi-dimension hell. Sure, in essence they are powerful, but much to clumsy and bulky to seriously use.

ArrayLists: Fun! Finally we can walk through them normally and you can actually fill them exceptionally easily. Multidimensional? Strings as keys you ask? Nooooo...

Hashtable: So far my favourite. You can actually declare your own keys with string values as keys. Buutt..... it just sorts anyway it pleases.. NOT the way you entered them or on alphabet or whatever, it just does... *something*

SortedLists: So we have sorted lists. Because yay! those are sorted on alphabet (what about ON THE BLOODY ORDER I PUT THEM IN?!) and just like Hashtables one key values. Which makes them semi-okay. But how about ordering them the way I want them?!

All I want is a self-expanding, easy to walk through multidimensional array where I can define the key names myself. Really is that to much to ask for Bill? Perhaps you did hide it somewhere in Visual Basic.NET. But .NET sometimes is just as any other Microsoft product. Full of features and possibilities that just don't really do what you want.


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