Saturday, October 23, 2004

Better consistently wrong then sometimes right?

Al through both of us not being US citizens I recently had a discussion with somebody about the US elections. What amazed me was that I heard the person I was debating with saying that he disliked both presidential candidates, but he would still rather vote for Bush (if he could). This because Kerry was somebody who "was inconsistent".

Personally I challenge the idea of Kerry being inconsistent, and I believe this is mostly Bush Propaganda. The man is far from perfect and in no way the saviour of that nation. But both Kerry AND Bush have often voted inconstantly due to political reasons. In fact any man or woman alive probably in that respect acts "inconsistent". I also believe Bush made more inconsistent choices in regards to the war on terrorism then Kerry ever would. Such as sending soldiers over there, then cutting their pay. Blocking investigations into the terrorists, but finally under pressure allowing it. So these where my arguments I used in that debate.

I also said that I think Kerry is more subtitle in his judgements. What Bush calls inconsistent I call actually thinking about your reasoning for doing something. I prefer some-one who for example recognises a mistake and then aims to not make that mistake again, or fix that mistake.

What I however failed to mention, and now feel inclined to speak about is, why would you ever choose somebody you know makes mistake after mistake over someone who doesn't? So the big argument is "Kerry is inconsistent", Bush has lied to his own country-men, has ruined the economy, killed thousands in a false war (as Saddam and Bin Laden hated one and other and there where no weapons of mass destruction), has first send soldiers to their death's and then cuts their pay, has taken the very civil liberties that America stands for away from Americans.

Why would you ever choose a man who makes mistakes and persists in making mistakes? When has it become a vice to not-think? When has it become a good quality to persist in making extremely damaging mistakes that are effecting us all on a global level? If you have a choose between somebody you KNOW will do the WRONG thing or somebody who might do the right thing. Who do you choose? Apparently these days, choosing the man who consistently does the wrong thing has become the better choice, for the cheer notion that he is "consistent". The world is surly mad...


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