Saturday, October 30, 2004

Old (and wise) Europe

A day ago I saw an American fanatic Bush supporter shouting about abolishing the UN, "old Europe" and how all Europeans where jealous of America. Ignorance is bliss I guess. I doubt most of Europe is jealous of America. The UK and France still live in the illusionary worlds they rule the world. Germany is perhaps one of the few sane countries (losing two world-wars and knowing what it is to as a nation go mad, I think in the end made them one of the wisest nations in the world. It's called learning from your mistakes.) And I would not even want to live in the US if they paid me for it.

I do however agree with this Bush supporter on one thing. Yes, "old Europe". Because that is indeed what we are, old and wise. Where the US is nothing more then an angry adolescent, we grew up already. If I where to put an age on the US, I would put them somewhere around 15 or 16 year olds (we view the US as a "modern nation", but I do think large parts are still stuck in the middle-ages, and would even class them no older then 2 year olds). And compared to that most of Europe is indeed much older and wiser. Al through I do think we too are still rather young. Perhaps around 25 or 27 years old in human-years.

Seriously though, I have no problem with Americans. But sometimes when you see people so ignorant say such things it's hard to just let it slide as basically "the ignorance of youth". Europe also has many problems itself, and I do think we sometimes forget how diverse the cultures of Europe are. We are a world-power past our glory, with a history much longer and filled with more power and more conflict. All the mistakes we made, the US is still making to this day. Not that I do not think we would not make them again if we could. But somehow I do think in the end nations learn from their mistakes.

A few years ago I thought Europe should just re-treat from the political world-front. I thought we should try and help those who want help. Give support to refugees, help nations develop. But that we should remove ourselves from the world-stage. Too old and wise to participate in the sandbox the children of this world are playing in. But I think I was wrong there.

Not only can nations regress (see the once enlightened Arabic and Muslim cultures), but also see how youth needs guidance. We ourselves might be screwed up, but I do think most of the world could benefit from a stronger, more guiding Europe. We've seen so much trouble, caused so much trouble, ruled the known world, lost the known world, we have been responsible for the international human rights, etc. In short, young ones, don't count the old geezers out just yet.


At 8:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you've watched enough Babylon 5 for today, Aldo. I do think you're right...

At 10:10 pm, Blogger Aldo Quispel said...

Haven't watched any Babylon 5 in eons unfortunatly. Such a shame that show got canceld (al through the last season wasn't the best. But at least that was due for understable reasons).

I don't know if I'm right, It's just something that keeps popping into my head when people who are "geographically-challenced" start insulting Europe :p


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