Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Contemplating little big things

I have a simple quiz question for today, a little brain teaser if you will. Nothing of the usual kind you might expect in some glossy magazine. Not a trick question, nor does it resemble a puzzle in anyway. Just a random question for a random visitor like yourself.

A recent study showed that the average Dutch person is very contempt with his or her life, yet feels discontempt with the general state of affairs. I am in this no exception I believe. Different people probably have different reasons for being unhappy with the general state of affairs, but being quite selfish I'll focus on little old me. So here is my question, why would somebody who lives a fairly good life and has no troubles either in the present or on the horizon be so concerned with the state or world?

Hint: The object of this little exercise is actually not to "get it right", but think about the state of this world and what it means to us. And what it means to worry about the faith of others, you have never met and might not even agree with. Mostly why this is important (at least to me).


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