Saturday, November 06, 2004

Goodbye Holland

I am a natural born Dutch male. My entire family line is Dutch. In appearance I am as Caucasian as they get. I have had a higher education and I made a good living, having a good solid career. But I think I need to leave my own country!

Why you may ask? Well, there is such a thing in our country as a course for immigrants they need to take. If they fail the exam connected to it by more then nine mistakes, they are forced to leave the country. A member of a political party put the exam questions online, I took the exam and lord behold. I have 13 mistakes! So I guess I need to pack my bags asap now?

Mind you, in my view some questions where completely irrelevant, in some cares some multiple answers of the multiple-choice answers where correct (like where to get a phone card), one was actually plain wrong (when you need to have your identification with you), two questions had to do with driving skills for a driving licence (I failed both and woops, I have a drivers licence!), various where ambiguous and down to personal choice. Questions about if I need to bring a gift to my neighbours, I like my neighbours very much but unlike according to this test I never felt the urge to give them gifts.

I understand the need to educate immigrants on our country, culture and customs. I think it's a good thing they learns about this and learn to speak the language. But this test, especially considering the consciences of failing it, is an outrage! Any university in the Netherlands daring to pass of such questions in a test would be sued by it's students.

The Questions (dutch)
The Answers (dutch)


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