Wednesday, November 03, 2004

How the mad-emperor Nero got re-elected

Today I have been torn between anger, amazement, frustration and disbelieve, finally to settle into a more tranquil state of mind again. Yesterday and today's events have left me lost for words, yet with a distinct feeling to shout out frustration in a sheer avalanche of words at the same time.

I am on the one hand not surprised, but all the more saddened by the choice of the majority of the US people. One would think that a man who has lied, committed fraud, started wars without reason, ruined the economy, divided America and the world among other numerous lesser crimes would be spit out, puked out by a general public. But it seems not to be the case.

Before this election day I could still say to myself, well the Americans have a bad leader, but at least they never elected him and he got in power by fraud. But with the US election of 2004 over, the majority of Americans has said that yes, they want a corrupt, war starting, economy ruining, racial dividing, incorrectly religious zealous madman as a leader. Yes, they do approve his actions.

A man who when his nation was under attack didn't know what to do and just sat in a class-room with a wondering look on his face. Where was this so-called "war-president" then? A man who has given the terrorists more then they ever could have asked for. One of the major goals of the terrorists is probably to rule in the middle-east. So Bush removes one of the biggest obstacles, a man known for oppressing Muslim fundamentalism and terrorism. Not for noble reasons, but because it interferes with his own power base and state-terror on his own people: Saddam Hussein. The US is slowly withdrawing troops from Saudi Arabia, another thing in favour of the terrorists. And the polarisation between the west and the Islamic world has been sharpened, with an added "bonus" that the West has become divided. The amounts of blunders Bush has made over the years are only outshined by his corruption and money-grabbing from the poor to middle-class Americans to enrich those with more money then they could ever spend in a life-time.

Generations of Americans will already be left with the economic, political and environmental damage this man did in just 4 years. As such he's been re-elected? Sometimes the world truly amazes me in it's pure stupidity. Then again, Hitler was also elected.

I also feel very sorry for those poor Americans who did see through the lies, the deceit and tv stations like Fox News (which in a resident study has shown to make people less educated about the world and factual evidence!). I, in that sense, am glad to live in old (and wiser) Europe. Where we have our problems, but at least it's not as bad yet as in the US. It must be hard for those Americans to live in the same nation with people who still live in the dark-ages. To live in the same country as people with no real sense of morality, justice, honesty, moral values and everything else that is right, fair and just in the world. Because in my eyes a vote for Bush was a vote against all that is fair and just in the world. A vote for a mad modern-day emperor Nero, who speaks about morality, but acts quite differently.

I do think this is a bad sign of things yet to come. Perhaps even the first real cracks of the decline of our "Western Empire". With the things Bush has said about Europe and other nations, I would think cooperating with the US has become close to impossible. Especially with the US voters legitimising his actions and words now. His re-election will only bring more misery, pain, despair and hurt. Future generations of Americans have been condemned with their votes, and perhaps much more of the world I fear.

It would not even surprise me if by the end of Bush his second term we would either be involved in an all out global religious war or that the fundamentalist Muslims would be the dominant force in large parts of the world. Sadly a best outcome scenario probably involves just the US ruining itself economically for generations to come. Something practically already in effect. The US already shows many characteristic's of a third-world nation and I fear by the end of Bush his reign it will be close to impossible to spot the difference between them. Aside of course from the US large amounts of weapons of mass-destruction. A third-world nation with the fire-power to set the world ablaze.

Still, in a sense I remain optimistic. As always the majority of the people destroy (generally by accident), do not see the bigger picture and make the wrong choices. It will be left to those who do see to clean up after them, to pick up the pieces once it all falls down. It's a thankless job, because most often those who really do what is rightious, who really stand for the ever illusive "greater good" are looked upon just the opposite by the general mass. The mass that either out of their ignorance or pure stupidity created the entire mess we are in, in the first place. So we will have to wait it out four more years, hope the damage will be limited and then again see if there is a chance to pick up the pieces and see if there is some order left to restore in this world.

Disclaimer: any reference to Emperor Nero is to the popular myth regarding Nero, not the actual historical figure.


At 10:27 pm, Blogger Liberal Grrl said...

Please remember that there is another half. That we do not support this man, this administration, and this twisting of our system. Please remember that we are saddened and deflated today. And that we are frightened, not just for ourselves, but for the world. My heart is broken today and I am surfing the blogs to find more who are broken, frustrated, confused, and angry like myself. I'm glad you are out there. We have to mend. I am embarrassed to call myself an American today.

At 10:46 pm, Blogger Aldo Quispel said...

Yes, I do know that. That is also why I said that I do feel sorry for those Americans who did vote for Kerry (or any of the other minor canditates like Nader). If it was upto me all of you would be welcome to seek political asylum here in Europe! :)

Too me it seems as if the US is really two nations. One very free and modern, the other almost back to the dark-ages (bible-belt, Bush supporters (excluding the exceptionally wealthy and big cooperations who obviously have "legit reasons" to back Bush)).


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