Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Physics of Santa Claus

A website that was slashdotted two days ago, makes for interesting reading. It clearly explains how Santa Claus can deliver all those gifts. Top researchers figured out that he must use an ion-shield of charged particles and that he probably travels in no less then 11 dimensions. It all makes perfect sense when you think about it.

The Physics of Santa Claus

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Thank you Poland!

Thank you Poland for stopping my own country from nearly destroying the entire IT sector because they feared they would "loose face" if they didn't force Software patenting on us! The cabinet here keeps talking about wanting to create a "knowledge economy", but went past all democratic principles, and border lined to an illegal act according to various lawyers, in trying to pass software patents for the EU. Thankfully Poland has put a stop to it and I can't thank you Polish people enough for that!

For anybody reading this and wondering what I am on about. Software patents are something only the US has. It means you can patent trivial idea's like "one click shopping" (held by Amazon) or even something as basic as "sending information from one computer to another". No technical solutions or software, simply the idea of doing something. Like for example using a spoon to eat with. And then forcing everybody to pay up for using this idea. This is one of the biggest issues halting all innovation and destroying small upstart companies. Microsoft even patented the idea of double clicking!

Advances in software are advances in abstraction. While traditional patents were for concrete and physical inventions, software patents cover ideas. Instead of patenting a specific mousetrap, you patent any "means of trapping mammals" or means of trapping data in an emulated environment. The fact that the universal logic device called "computer" is used for this does not constitute a limitation. When software is patentable, anything is patentable.

There are also various companies in the US who only focus on getting these software patents. Never actually developing any technology, just patenting trivial and obvious idea's. They usually employ one IT technician and a small army of lawyers. One such company specialises in simply suing other companies who actually do build software and innovate.

It also needs to be noted that software patents are unnecessary as software itself falls under copy write protection. This is not to protect your software from being stolen by others, copy write protection already is in place for that.

So one minister within the Dutch government decided he was all for this. He disregarded the democratically elected representatives who passed a motion he was not allowed to vote for it, he ignored his own party who was against it, he ignored various countries like Germany, Luxemburg and Poland who where against it. Officially all because "else he would loose face". So he tried to get this bill automatically passed on a convention of agricultural ministers! Using a loophole to avoid the motion he was not allowed to persue a yes vote anymore. That this man hasn't been fired for incompetence and most likely being bribed by a big company like Philips (pro software patents) can only be explained by the sheer incompetence of the entire Dutch government.

One man came so near to destroying a major part of the European economy that it's not funny anymore. So thank you Poland for last minute travelling to Brussels and stopping this total megalomaniac, undemocratic, wannabe dictator and saving the IT sector of Europe. It is beyond me how any European Minster can willingly want to hurt the EU so much, it's even more ironic given one of the official goals of our government is to promote the IT sector.

Anybody wanting to thank Poland can do so at the following website:

Page that seriously shows the nonsense patented under US law:

More information about Software patents:

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

National pride

Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.
- Arthur Schopenhauer

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Pantheon of oneliners

If god had wanted us to believe in him, he wouldn't have invented science...

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Gone but not forgotten

Incase anybody wonders about the lack of updates, unfortunatly:

lack of time == lack of updates

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Random thought

Every time I hear Leonard Cohen sing "I am guided by the beauty of our weapons" I can't help but think of Bush. The same goes for "When they said repent, repent. I wonder what they meant".

Lyrics for "First we take Manhatten"
Lyrics for 'The Future'

Worst of our problems

After just seeing a documentary about kids growing up in war-torn Palestine and the mess their lives are I was checking out the feedback an e-bay seller got and one neutral comment caught my eye. A comment made on a second hand CD somebody had bought from the seller. About how a second hand CD was not worth the money he paid for it. Two things came to mind. First, why do you then offer to buy it? Second, how simple, how easy, how mindless do we have it here. What comfortable, easy, brainless lives can we lead. How thankfull we should be. The mediocrity, the pointlessness of this persons -self caused- problems are compared to places in the world where people truly suffer.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Dr. Mangle would be proud

Yesterday I saw a documentary on the BBC about the testing of medication on small children in the US. Some of the things they showed there are so shocking I think if it had happened in any 3rd world country we would be talking sanctions at the very least.

In New York city the child "protection" agency seems to take poor mostly HIV or AIDS children away from their families to test new drugs on them. In such ways lab-rats seem to be better of and also being an Iraqi prisoner being tortured would seem like a nice holiday off.

The children are taken against the will of both the parents and themselves. Often with the only excuse they don't give them the experimental drugs (note: not regular drugs, experimental drugs) and are generally never seen again. Getting placed at special orphanages (ironically all Christian by nature). The drugs they are given and the cot ails of drugs are so harmful some get paralysed, others, as a renowned doctor looking at the prescriptions said, would get sores all over their body, being unable all over their body to touch anything without sever pain. These drugs benefit nothing to fit the disease, and these kids are used as nothing more then common lab rats. Death's have also taken place. When these children protest they are tied down and get the medication inserted into them through a tube directly into their stomach.

In one case a nurse adopted two of these children. One couldn't walk or talk and the other never ate and was hyper-active. She spend the majority of her money on psychologists and other doctors to help these kids. When nothing worked she tried taking them of the experimental drugs. Almost instantly their behaviour changed. The one kid learned how to walk and talk properly, the other started eating normally and calmed down. The two kids became happy small children. So the child "protection" agency of New York took the children away from her and she was convicted as a child-abuser! Another case was of a grand-mother who was trying to get her grand-son back. In the end the "saver" home according to the child "protection" agency was a home where the child was neglected and suffered from malnutrition. BUT! They did give the child the experimental drugs.

Through research it turns out that the hospitals in question doing these drugs trials basically own the child "protection" agency. These children are simply tortured, often to death. The descriptions and stories of one kid that got out where enough to turn your stomach.

What I can't understand is not just that this can take place in a so called "civilised" country. But how can any doctor, any child protection worker, actually how can any human being do such things?! I guess because the small children (ranging from a few month's old to very young teens) all being from poor backgrounds makes it alright? Those people aren't human anyway I guess? The things this documentary showed made the human-experiments done by the Nazi's almost seem humane. And what's more, those who actually do try to help these children then get convicted as "child abusers"?! Something is so seriously wrong here I can't even find words for it.

BBC Information about the Documentry