Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Dr. Mangle would be proud

Yesterday I saw a documentary on the BBC about the testing of medication on small children in the US. Some of the things they showed there are so shocking I think if it had happened in any 3rd world country we would be talking sanctions at the very least.

In New York city the child "protection" agency seems to take poor mostly HIV or AIDS children away from their families to test new drugs on them. In such ways lab-rats seem to be better of and also being an Iraqi prisoner being tortured would seem like a nice holiday off.

The children are taken against the will of both the parents and themselves. Often with the only excuse they don't give them the experimental drugs (note: not regular drugs, experimental drugs) and are generally never seen again. Getting placed at special orphanages (ironically all Christian by nature). The drugs they are given and the cot ails of drugs are so harmful some get paralysed, others, as a renowned doctor looking at the prescriptions said, would get sores all over their body, being unable all over their body to touch anything without sever pain. These drugs benefit nothing to fit the disease, and these kids are used as nothing more then common lab rats. Death's have also taken place. When these children protest they are tied down and get the medication inserted into them through a tube directly into their stomach.

In one case a nurse adopted two of these children. One couldn't walk or talk and the other never ate and was hyper-active. She spend the majority of her money on psychologists and other doctors to help these kids. When nothing worked she tried taking them of the experimental drugs. Almost instantly their behaviour changed. The one kid learned how to walk and talk properly, the other started eating normally and calmed down. The two kids became happy small children. So the child "protection" agency of New York took the children away from her and she was convicted as a child-abuser! Another case was of a grand-mother who was trying to get her grand-son back. In the end the "saver" home according to the child "protection" agency was a home where the child was neglected and suffered from malnutrition. BUT! They did give the child the experimental drugs.

Through research it turns out that the hospitals in question doing these drugs trials basically own the child "protection" agency. These children are simply tortured, often to death. The descriptions and stories of one kid that got out where enough to turn your stomach.

What I can't understand is not just that this can take place in a so called "civilised" country. But how can any doctor, any child protection worker, actually how can any human being do such things?! I guess because the small children (ranging from a few month's old to very young teens) all being from poor backgrounds makes it alright? Those people aren't human anyway I guess? The things this documentary showed made the human-experiments done by the Nazi's almost seem humane. And what's more, those who actually do try to help these children then get convicted as "child abusers"?! Something is so seriously wrong here I can't even find words for it.

BBC Information about the Documentry


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