Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Pantheon of oneliners revisited

Music genres are meant to define, not confine.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

The cost of war

The cost of war and that is not even in human lifes of both troops and civilians. Then again, money of course isn't an issue.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Selfish kindness

I was watching a TV show explaining the Muslim faith, and while I have many objections to religions as a whole, one thing mostly bugged me about it. This in fact is something that bugs me about practically any religion. The show could have just as well been about Christianity for example.

The prime motivator for people to be "good Muslims" or "good Christians" often is explained by them in one simple sentence. A sentence that can differ in how it is expressed, but it comes down too "because I will be rewarded by god".

Now this bugs me, it too me shows how primitive most religions and those who follow it are. There is no actual inner good, there is no doing right simply for the sake of doing the right thing. It is because people want to be rewarded. Al through one might argue over if you actually want that reward (eternal life is hellish if you ask me. In the concept of "eternity" I think has not sunk in with most people. A very, very long life (perhaps a few thousand years) seems nice, but eternal?! Oh god no!).

I strongly believe people should do the right thing, not because somebody tells them too, tells them how to live. And certainly not because you will get a "reward". A reward that, due to the lack of existence of any god, is just a carrot on a stick anyway. Fear and uncertainty mixed with doing something to be rewarded is a bad combination. And in my view does not make "holy men". It is a lower plane of mental reasoning in my view. Do the right thing, because you want to do the right thing. Don't expect to be rewarded. Hoping to be rewarded diminishes any good deed to a selfish act. Your then doing it for yourself, not for anybody or anything else. Not even for your deity.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A good start to 2005

Lets sum up some of the highlights of human behaviour since 2005 started a few days ago:

1) In Indonesia relieve agencies are fearful for child smugglers taken away recent orphans to work in child prostitution or slavery. Al through unicef trying to prevent this at least one Muslim organisation is trying to stop this because "they don't have the same faith, we will take care of them". Which can result in these orphans ending up in extremist Muslim schools. I guess it's better then slavery or prostitution at least.

In regards to those child smugglers I must admit, I simply am lost for words. I can't think of anything to say about it. Nothing can ever capture my disgust and disbelieve for people like that and their actions.

2) Reading reactions on a forum of a popular Dutch news site about the idea to drop the debts the countries stuck in Asia. Wealthy, fat, lazy Dutch people who are better off then they can appreciate debating on how we shouldn't do that. And how much "we have our own problems" or even worse "it's our money!". In fact, most of the arguments heard where so sickening with moral decline that I can't even repeat them here.

First off all it's not "their money", it's the money also paid with my taxes. And most of the wealth in this nation was build by the people we now push away in homes and then cut on their last social benefits (they usually actually saved for, for years!).

Secondly, we are so well off that even the poorest among us isn't as bad off as those people suffering there. This urge to horde money, this blind worship of the numbers on a bank account, this pure and utter greed. And I mean truly GREED, in a way even Charles Dickens could not describe in his most famous of all Christmas classic's. Letting people suffer so what? You can buy an extra CD? Or a trinket you will have forgotten about one day later?! What is worse, it's not even literally money owned, it's a government income on interest.

Third, when we send relieve efforts to the region. We collect money for the rebuilding. I want that money to be used for that. NOT for them to then having to spend that money on repaying debts to us. And that really IS my money!

Fourth, we became rich over the backs of these nations. I am in fact for abolishing all debts those countries still owe us. We exploited them, we have kept them in line with protective trading, etc.

Firth, money should service mankind, not mankind money. What better way to spend money then to help mankind? To help human beings. We don't need to give up wealth (the income of interest is irrelevant anyway for our state income. We aren't depended on it at all.), but if you can spend some money (or in this case, lose a little possible income) to actually prevent people from dying, from terrible living conditions, etc. How can you refuse this?!

I actually could go on about this for a while longer. Reading many reactions actually put me in a very bad mood. Especially also how everything gets blamed on "the left" (socialism). Somehow this day and age we aren't only egocentrical assholes, no we can openly admit it, be proud of it. And people who are compassioned, kind, caring. Those we make fun of and treat like criminals! It really is the world upside down. Due to a killer propaganda campain by right winged nut jobs.

3) Speaking of right winged nut jobs. Fox news, but even CNN, is now painting a picture as if in The Netherlands babies are killed and murdered by the dozen. "For missing one or two fingers" was even said. For any American reading this. In highly rare cases, when a baby is suffering intolerably and has no change of recovery (when it will just die in a couple of days, until that time living in intents, hellish pain), and then only at request of the parents. Only then will euthanasia be preformed. Absolute monsters we are no? Baby murders! *sigh*

This makes me so sick and sad. The same with our drug policy. ALL drugs are illegal in the Netherlands, contrary to popular believe. Hard-drugs and also soft-drugs are cracked down on quite hard. The only thing that we don't do is throw users in jail and allows a minimal number of shops who sell to small time users (but at the time same their suppliers are being cracked down on!). We also at clubs give users the chance to at least test their pills to see if they aren't lethal. People will use them anyway, it simply prevents death's. It's practical and means the focus is on the real criminals and not addicts and small time users.

And we are apparently according to Fox News "gripped by violence". This is how much violence we know: A while ago 1 police officer was killed due to a mad-man with a gun. This shocked the nation. All police districts attended the funeral, outrage was spoken about how this could happen. It made all national headlines. Why? Because we can't trace back the last time a police officer was killed by a criminal in our recorded history. Yes, we are gripped by violence. Obviously there are some horrible things going on here. But compared to the violence in the US, we are so peaceful it I doubt any American could even conceive the concept of it.

And those are my highlights for the new year already. Another year in which it seems the bad guys claim moral superiority and try and paint off the good guys as being the bad guys. And most of the world falls for it.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year

Despite it just being a made up date in time, I would like to wish everybody a very, very happy new year! Despite all the troubles in 2004, and the possibility of more troubles in 2005, it's never a bad thing to always start the year aiming for the top, and hoping for the best. So I hope that for everyone 2005 will be a good year. And that those struck by the disaster in Asia (and Africa, where the wave hit a little later) will be able to somehow rebuild their lives. Just as those struck by misfortune in other tragedies (like that club that burned to the ground in South America).

Aid agencies to donate for the Tsunami disaster