Friday, February 04, 2005

Controversial idea

I've got quite a controversial idea I thought I would share with all of you. An idea that actually goes against some of my own principles. Perhaps it would be best of Europe would start to re-arm itself. Obviously Europe has quite a large standing, modern army (don't underestimate it), but that we should become the biggest military power.

This might come as quite a shocking statement from a dedicated pacifist and humanist. So let me explain this controversial idea. It's clear that in this current day and age there is a problem with fanatical Muslims who want to either kill everybody or make them suffer under a barbaric, primitive rule. I'm not saying anything bad about normal Muslims, I am just talking about the ones who prefer to drag us all back into the dark ages. I however fear another group is currently being under-estimated: fanatical US Christians. Despite their opposition towards the previously mentioned Muslims, their end goal seems to be the same. To drag us back into the dark ages.

This idea, I will admit, scares me. When I hear about how schools stop teaching all possible scientific theories (like the evolution theory) and try to ban knowledge, it scares me. When I see it's perfectly legal to oppress an entire group of human beings and deprive them of their rights (gays), it scares me. When I hear about how they want to ban culture and books that don't fit in with their idea's, it scares me. When I hear about how they for "religious reasons" buried old, scientifically important human remains into the ground again. Refusing science a change to study it for "religious reasons", it scares me. When I hear them claiming idea's such as that Bush is send by god, and how they want to turn the US and then the World into a world governed by the bible..... that scares the living daylights out of me!

These people are mad, dark age fools who should know better. I can't grasp why these people are so dumb, so blind, so intolerant... so plain evil! I can't find any other explanation then that part of humanity has regressed back into a sort of form of dark age insanity. These people need to be treated in a mental hospital, not given the power to run the world! This I don't mean as an insult, I mean it in the purest form of the word.

I also have no interest to be caught in-between a religious war of fanatical Christians and Muslims. Whatever the outcome, sane, logical thinking people will lose. As such I want to come back to my original and quite controversial idea. Since Europe is not contaminated as badly by these dark age people, we should make sure it can't happen. And unfortunately I fear we might at some point in time need to defend ourselves actively against these aggressors.

And with defend I actually mean defend if we are invaded. I don't mean "lets attack random countries who did nothing to us and call it a defensive move in order to protect ourselves". Moderate Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindu's, Buddhists and other believers will be welcome as refuges. Just as the part of Americans who are still sane and by that time can still escape from the Christian-fascist state that could rise. And we will need to defend our borders from these barbarians.

Perhaps it all sounds a bit farfetched, but I do think we seriously under estimate the problem of fundamentalist Christianity. The fact research and science are now openly hindered and there is an open call to abolish the division between church and state (and effectively create a tyranny in the US and abolish what is left of democracy.... in the name of freedom ironically) are things we are under estimating. I think because of us sane people, it's very hard to actually grasp the pure insanity behind these people. We think they are either a bunch of loonies, or it just can't be that bad.

But I do fear we might be heading towards new dark ages. Perhaps not as drastic that Europe will need to defend it's borders from people who mentally are the equivalent of a 5 year old and have the arms arsenal big enough to destroy the world, but it's sadly also not as farfetched as it sounded a few years ago. I will honestly and openly admit, that I am scared of these people. They will be the downfall of logic, reason, science, culture, civilisation. A regression into superstition, witch hunts and humanity surrendering itself to it's more primitive, animalistic nature.


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