Saturday, February 05, 2005

Digital art by digital people for analogue people

painting by AARON Inspired by a slashdot article I stumbled upon AARON. Who is AARON you might ask? Actually, it would be better to ask "What is AARON?". It turns out there has been quite an active movement to see if computers (well software) could create it's own unique art. AARON is seems is one of the more advanced software programs that can create it's own unique, random art works.

Al through the website about AARON speaks of an artificial intelligence, I myself would not go that far. The way I believe AARON has been programmed is probably a very long way away from being an artificial intelligence. But it does raise an interesting question. If it is created by a piece of software, is it still art? And if so, who is the actual artist? The software, or the programmer(s) of the software? Just some food for thought.

Website dedicated to AARON
Samples of paintings by AARON (refresh the page to see a new one being drawn)


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