Sunday, February 27, 2005

The European constitution

The EU constitution is slowly heading our way here in Europe. The ministers of the various European countries have agreed to this constitution, all that now is still needed is for a hand full of countries to have a referendum about it. Which is my last hope of this document they wrote never becoming our constitution. Let me explain why.

I am actually a strong supporter of a united and strong Europe. Al through I think the differences between the countries and national cultures should not be under estimated either. I support the idea of Europe unifying. Just not THIS Europe.

The entire EU constitution is a very bad joke in my view. It doesn't at all look like what a constitution should be like. It's more a document on how the political process should be organised and how the economy should be directed. Other then that it's filled with vague, open for interpretation terms, to keep all countries "happy". These are not things that should make up a constitution in my view. These are not things that belong in a constitution. A constitution should be about the basic rights and plights of the citizens and government. Economic direction does not have a place in a constitution.

Another problem I have is the fact this constitution in effect gives all the decision making power to the larger countries. Because the power will be based on the number of people living in a country basically. The noble idea behind this is great, we are all European citizens and country borders are not relevant. But the borders between countries have not broken down enough for this. Those in France will support items that are beneficial for them and not so much for others for example. This is simple human nature.

The Netherlands is one of the richest European countries and contributes the most per citizen. And we get the least back. I do fear if we sign away our rights as this constitution entitles, this will only increase. It may sound very protectionist, but we simply are not ready for a noble unified Europe in this way. The country borders, the differing cultures are not broken down enough. We should first work towards breaking these down, before we decide we are all ready to truly be European citizens.

The fact however that the EU constitution is such a bad document, the fact that the EU is so corrupt and badly organised... it all wouldn't matter that much to me. If it wasn't put forward that if you are against THIS EU then you are against a unified Europe.

I myself am all for a unified Europe, not just not THIS unified Europe with THIS constitution. I would prefer them to fix many, many things. Unfortunately the sign of the times is that politicians have long since forgotten they represent the general public and that they in a sense "are the general public". But there seems to be a huge gap between the community and collection of people and those that are supposed to represent that.

All I can say is that I will vote NO. And this no vote to me is actually a yes vote for a unified Europe, but a no vote to the state the union is in now and wants to develop into. There is no need to forcefully accept a bad decision at all. It's not "this or nothing else".

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