Sunday, February 27, 2005

Failure to empathise

Aside from the thousands of objections one can have towards terrorism, and the flawed logic behind it. Has anybody ever wondered about that "there will be 40 virgins waiting for you in heaven" promise that is apparently made to some suicide terrorists?

I think this embodies one of the major problems with their flawed logic. I am not talking about the fact that what the hell one would want with 40 sexually inexperienced woman apparently for sexual pleasure. Nor am I talking about the fact that god would somehow reward people for murder. But has anybody stopped and wondered, who are these 40 virgins?

Do these 40 virgins have personalities of their own? Are they real human beings? Do they have their own desires, idea's? Do they want to be with this suicide terrorist in heaven and be used as sex slaves? Does god somehow condone slavery and give away slaves?

Aren't these 40 women also real women, with real dreams and hopes? I guess not. It seems to be a massive failure to empathise with the fact that other people are people too. Something that is also needed with murdering innocent people. Seeing people as individuals, all with their own individual lives.


At 11:29 pm, Blogger Steeph said...

Nice reasoning.

But it's still in line with how some fundamentalist look at the (their) world. Women are mere objects to them.

It's easier that way. Not needing to see/hear/experience the fact that somebody else may be more right than you. That there's reasonable doubt about what you do and what you believe.

At 8:48 pm, Blogger Aldo Quispel said...

I think it goes even further then just women being objects. Just the fact that people, often incl. themselves, are just "numbers" (for a lack of a better term). The fact that another humanbeing can be an individual, or in some cases they themselves are individuals. It seems to be missing.

I am just amazed nobody ever wondered about the entire 40 virgins things before. It also sounds like love is totally irrelivant, just some weird perverted sex thing. And that of "good faithfull muslims"?


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