Sunday, February 27, 2005

Stereotypes? nah never!

I also posted my previous Blog entry on the forum of the website I run, I was not amazed to find that one rightwing supporter decided to bash me. I think if I had changed "right winged party" in my previous post to "left winged party" he would have totally agreed with me, but I of course can't change the facts. But as is to be expected with some people, they are more actively busy being part of a certain direction of thought, then actually thinking for themselves.

What did surprise me however is that at some point I got an entire argument slammed against me about how I started a topic bashing America, Neo-conservatives and Bush. If you have not read my previous Blog entry, please do. Can anybody tell me where I mention any of these things? The post clearly is about a Dutch party and a Far East country. The guy who raised this "argument" was American.

Sometimes it is really scary to see an American confirm stereotypes so much. Self-centred? Thinking that everything revolves around them? These are stereotypes we here have of Americans, but some do seem to prove those stereotypes dead on sometimes. Al through it does also showcase the overall disease with many people all over the world to not really listen to others. No matter what one says, they hear their own story, their own point, their own words and idea's in it.


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