Sunday, March 13, 2005

Mysterious reasons at Microsoft

Now this is an odd story I found through slashdot. Apparently Microsoft is going to offer security patches to the US government one month earlier then to the rest of the world. Perhaps it is just me, but I can see only two logical paths that explain this:

The first would be that the patches are not yet ready to be released to the public and the US government gets a beta version of the patch. Meaning they get an unfinished, buggy product. This makes little sense, as of course this probably means the patches make a system less secure, then more secure.

The second would be that the patches are fully finished, but get held back to the world for an extra month. This makes even less sense. Why hold all your customers, all computers running Microsoft software in the world at risk for another extra month? Not just is it unethical, dangerous and a blatant disrespect for Microsoft customers. But with Microsoft battered security track record, one would think they can not afford such a thing.

Perhaps I need to think in much more sinister scenario's. But I myself can not figure out the logic behind either path. Both would place the digital world at greater risk, not less risk.


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