Friday, March 11, 2005

Threaten those about to die

Warning: I was angry when I wrote this, so this might be a bit of an aggressive blog entry. More so then I normally would write.

While it's pretty common knowledge that asylum seekers must not be human beings anymore in the eyes in the eyes of our minister Verdonk (the minister responsible for asylum seekers), I can not believe the blackness of the hart of this woman anymore. A documentary has been made showcasing many different asylum seekers in 1 minute and 40 seconds per person. A project to give them a chance to tell their story, to give them a human-face. So people stop seeing these people as just numbers, but gain a bit of understanding of their struggle, and then obviously can think of that what they want.

How does our minister Verdonk reply to this? She actually treated these people not to step out into the media! If they do, she wants the department of justice to give full disclosure about all their personal files to anybody who wants them. Trying to bully people in simply speaking out. Apparently because in her eyes these asylum seekers are just "acting sad" and want to gain sympathy.

One of the movies they showed here on TV was of a Muslim woman who has fled Iran. Because her husband abused her both physically and mentally. She is going to be send back. Running away from ones husband is a crime in Iran for which a woman will be stoned to death. So she's being send to one of the most inhumane death's possible by minister Verdonk. She in my eyes personally signed this woman's death. And yes, your right minister Verdonk, she has my sympathy.

And I understand why you want to keep this out of the media. Your not a human being, your a monster. Somebody who either fails to grasp the suffering of others, or takes pleasure from it. It in my eyes is a shame you are in such a position, and it would do you a world of good to have suffered through such a horrible ordeal. Despite not wishing it on anybody. But perhaps then at least you would understand. People like minister Verdonk should be put to trial for crimes against humanity. Oh the horror, somebody might feel sympathetic to people we are sending to their death's. Because "it's full here in the Netherlands" (fact: 70% of the Netherlands is not build upon, and we belong to the richest nations in the world). We can not help everyone, but we sure as hell shelter somebody who is being persecuted for being a woman in essence. One would think a fellow woman, as minister Verdonk, would at least on that level show some compassion. But I guess she is neither a woman, nor a human being anymore.


At 12:45 pm, Blogger Steeph said...

Well said! Makes me angry as well. No shame in that.


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