Monday, April 04, 2005

Death of the Pope

Pope I am neither a catholic, nor a Christian, or actually a believer of any faith. For me there exists no higher mysticisms, gods, or anything spiritual. As such I can not claim that I have any direct connection to the Pope. Over these last few days I have seen a lot of comments about his death from various people. From those full of praise, too those angry at anything religious and as such also at the Pope.

This behaviour always amazes me, how people swing to one extreme or the other when somebody dies. For some there is nothing but good about the dead, others use it to express their political views about world matters or to oust their own frustration.

Personally I found this Pope to be very contradictionary in what he did, from my point of view. But exceptionally consistent from what probably was his point of view. I believe he was exceptional in his quest for world-peace and understanding among the different faiths. The steps he took towards the Jewish community are in my view his greatest act.

The Church has throughout the centuries always promoted anti-Semitism, during most crusades more Jews where murdered in Europe by the troops on their way to the holy land then Muslims in the holy land itself. All church sponsored. As where the exclusion of Jews from being able to hold normal jobs, own land, etc. (forcing them into occupations like money lending). I also believe that the hatred for Jews during the Nazi time came directly from these centuries of hate the Church spew forth for Jews.

Considering this very tainted past of the Church, I think it was very brave of this Pope to apologise for this behaviour and seek to change the Church on this point. Breaking away with centuries of persecution was his greatest moment I believe. And with this of course also goes the dialogue he sought out with other faiths.

I can not stand behind his continues hate-mongering for gays, his exclusion of women from the church and how he unrealistically send millions to their death's by forbidding the use of condoms. While from his point of view abstaining would have also prevented the AIDS epidemic, it was not a realistic idea and as such I do feel he is in a large part responsible for this.

I do believe this Pope did everything based on what he thought was right. The horrible things caused by this I believe where as such un-intentional. I believe he did what he thought was good for this world and mankind. And I also think all he did was strongly guided by his faith. I also wish some other Christians *cough*bush*cough* would actually stick more truly to the teaching and follow the Pope when he said that war is only the last resort and that religion used as an excuse for war is against the direct teachings of any religion. Then again, Bush isn't a Catholic.


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