Saturday, April 02, 2005

Fake democracy by so called democrats (D66)

After watching a lot of the debate of one of the smaller government parties here in the Netherlands weather they should stay or leave the government (and as such causing the government to collapse) I keep wondering about one thing they keep saying: "It's in the interest of the country to stay in". Why exactly? Because all polls show that the current government is highly unpopular and they will lose power to the opposition? Why is this exactly bad?

This party claims to be mostly concerned with listening to the voters, giving power back to the voters. Yet their main argument at the moment can best be translated as "the voters are idiots, they will vote for the opposition, disagree with our policy and if we go from the government the voters will allow the opposition to rule and this is per definition bad for the country". Doesn't that go directly against they principles? Doesn't that show major arrogance?

Plus no offence dear D66 party, but this government has been the worst possible government The Netherlands has had in years and years. The current opposition would almost certainly do a better job. But really, keep kidding yourself that if you aren't in the government then the government by definition apparently is "bad for the country".

Mind you, they keep hammering on nonsense points anyway when it comes to listening to the voter. A chosen mayor and prime minister as they want sound all democratic. But if you do that, these people need a platform to run on. Our current mayors and prime minister don't have real power. They are in essence supposed to be the chairmen of the meetings and cabinet, etc. If you want to vote for them, then they need to have arguments why, this means they need power to implement this. As a mayor or prime minister is of 1 party this means you are un-democratising the government actually. Because you are giving 1 man, of 1 party power over the votes and real democratic elected people in the house of parliament and the city councils. They do represent voting equally, 1 man can never do this. As if 51% votes for him/her and 49% against then 49% of votes are ignored and cast aside. But with house of parliament and city councils it means the 49% is still represented. And the 1 man, the major or prime minister remains a formal role without direct power, mostly severing the actually democratically more representative bodies of state.


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