Friday, April 08, 2005

Go fasism go! *sigh*

It doesn't happen a lot that I turn of my TV in utter disgust because I can not stomach the person in question being allowed to a) talk and b) breath. I know this sounds radical, but some people really make me feel ashamed to be a human being. I generally am a big supporter of free speech, even if is faulty logic. But this just went too far.

On a political debate show a representative of "nieuw rechts" (new right) was also invited. Which a large smirking smile, hair put straight back with to much gell, a Dutch flag pin, a Dutch flag tie he sat there. They showed a little report about him and two of his goons going to cities that recently had to suffer from extreme right violence against innocent asylum seekers. Schools being burned out and innocent people being beaten up by racist youth. There he went to stick up for these racists. For some "strange" reason the mayors of both cities didn't really feel much like meeting this guy (in fact in one town the mayor was just not even at the town hall at the time he arrived). So then he went to see if he could find some of these racist youth's to. I guess talk some friendly supportive words to them. He couldn't find any however.

He on the show said he felt "unwelcome", "ignored" as if people where "unrealistically afreight of him" as if he was "shunned" and that people had an unfair picture of him. Gee, I wonder which other group suffers at those feelings by this guy?! Isn't this the exact same way he treats foreigners?! Gee, sucks when it happens to you doesn't it? And that's without the violence and just a one off event of much less proportions then anything foreigners have to endure if this guy would be in power.

Next a major of another city (not one he visited) who was also on the show talks about the problem of rising extreme rightwing movements among kids. That the police did an extensive investigation on it. It showed that the problem in his city almost totally was with the white racist youth. No groups of foreigners where involved as agressors. They where pure hate crimes and violence out of racism. Also that one of the most, if not THE most renowned university in the Netherlands, that of Leiden, did a study that rising extreme right-winged youth are a possible bigger problem then Islamic fundamentalism. Before this major has finished speaking this new right guy goes and interrupts him. How it's all not true, all lies, not facts, it's all fiction. The major still tries to say a few times that these are the police reports on their current situation, etc. But this guy just talks through him, ignores him and goes off with some racist excuses about how it's all caused by immigrants attacking whites. The major once more explains this is not the case, that in some big cities there are indeed opposing groups where you also have immigrants who fight with racist whites and visa versa but not in his town. That the police studies show nothing of the sorts. Without knowing any thing about the town in question Mr. New Right continues to find excuses, about how perhaps these youth where driven away to his city, felt oppre... *click* tv turned off. There is only so much pure racist hate and lies I can take on one evening.

I mean how can this guy claim to be decent? Not just does he lie, and badly I might add and does he thrive on hate. But how can anybody claim to be civilised and proper and "better then those filthy foreigners" if they actively promote hate by extreme right winged youth against innocent people?! Remind me again how it's noble, right and superior to torch a school? How it's noble, right and superior to beat up defenceless people? Is that the mighty "white civilisation"? If so, can I please change my skin colour, as I want to belong to an actual CIVILISATION, not a bunch of cave-people who try and attack everything they grasp to understand. Dressing up in a suit and using fancy words on command does not hide the fact your brain is less advanced then the average surer rat. I hate to say it, but please go sit in your own concentration-camp you want to build for these people, wanna-be fascist. Obviously I don't really want these people dead, as everybody has a right to live. But I really do feel they are an embracement to the entire human race and a waste of the air we all breath. How primitive a species we are.


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