Thursday, April 14, 2005

Some random thoughts

Some random thoughts on Dutch news...

I saw on the news that the number of people on unemployment or benefits are down. Which is being put forward as a success for government policy. Hearing the actual wording it's not that more people found a job, it's simply that people are being cut off from getting unemployment benefits. As such greater poverty, with just as many people unemployed. Well done!

I also saw a bit of news that one of the extremist Christian parties here wants to introduce a card game to teach "morals and values". A few days ago I saw a documentary about some of the really gone wrong youth who have been assaulting foreigners, convicted of many crimes, etc. Forgive my pessimism but no card game will ever effect any change on these guys. These are massive social issues. How far removed from reality are you Christians?

Seeing this series on the re-training and detention system for youths I noticed a funny comment by one of them. These kids where training how to steer ships as a way to teach them a job. One of them commented: "It's fun, it's just like a video game". That just made my day. At one time video-games about for example boating meant to emulate real life. Now kids think out of the opposite perspective. Funny... be it kind of worrying.

Random thought on international news....

I read somewhere that the cookie monster of sesame street will now start to promote veggies and try and discourage kids from eating cookies. Perhaps it's just me, but shouldn't parents be the ones who take responsibility for their children and be the ones who raise them? I am sorry, but you as a parent control what your child eats. Why is parenting being left to things like TV?


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