Saturday, February 18, 2006

Humanity vs. humans (1-0)

I must admit over the course of this last year I've grown less and less interested in politics' and world events. Not so much because I believe the world has become a better place, or because I have lost interest in the traditional sense of the word. Most of this I believe has come with simply growing tired of problems you can not solve yourself.

What I more and more have come to realise is that human beings as single units, on a micro level are generally nice wonderful people. Not all of course, but most people simply long to be happy and live peaceful enjoyable lives. They do not wish harm upon others and to a large extent are worried about other people's welfare and caring. Yet on a grand scale, we as humanity, seem to be very much the direct opposite of this. The reasons for this are probably a bit to complicated for me to fully understand. And what I do understand of it to extensive and complicated to put into words on a weblog.

What it however causes is the strange situation you so often see these days. We all know something is wrong, yet nobody seems empowered to do something about it. We all know the US is torturing people, but nobody can stop it. We all see religious zealous terrorists murdering people in suicide attacks, but we can't stop it. We all know about many lies and injustices going on, but as long as it's not officially acknowledged we can ignore the truth. The truth long since stopped being important, it's the truth that has been admitted.

I guess in light of these things I've decided to put my focus more on the individual, then the larger whole. Either it is unfixable or it will sort itself out. But not one individual can compete against "the system" so to say. I don't mean this in conspiracy theories, or shadowy governments. I simply mean the larger flow of things is not something you can suddenly bend to your will. It's a mighty river that no individual themselves can suddenly shift in direction or hope to tame. The individual vs. the collective is an interesting thing to watch, but also something that if you do not watch out can cause you to despair. So better, as with everything in life, to balance it if you want my opinion.


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