Monday, April 17, 2006

Adopt a granny

While the debate rages in my own country about being responsible for your own poverty, cutting back on the care for the elderly, the sick, people needing to be being made "cost aware" of our healthcare system and what more... the Dutch TV show "netwerk" showed the horrible situation of some elderly people in eastern Europe.

The aid agency Dorcas has out of desperation started a project where you can adopt a "granny". Elderly people (both male and female) who live in the most horrible of situations, who are often cut of from electricity, water and can not even afford to eat every day. These people saved all their lives, but their pension plan got destroyed due to extreme deflation of their countries monetary system (so much for own responsibility?). Some of their pensions are no less then 20 euros a month now due to this.

The situation for some of these people without aid is so desperate. One of the women they showed was blind and is taken care of by her granddaughter of 14 years old. Her daughter and mother of her granddaughter left to work in Turkey but has since disappeared. The first thing that came to my mind, and also to the aid-workers was that she, like many women, has ended up in the sex-slave industry probably. Her 14 year old granddaughter also already is being targets by men buying her gifts now. Luckily she realises these men are looking to sell her into the white sex-slave trade it seems. But how long can you keep them at bay when you have no more electricity, water, when you only live on bread with rice and oil and some days don't eat at all? And you see your grandmother wasting away.

I to god hope these people can get helped, these situations can be prevented in the future and that they do not spread to more parts of the world. Because I can see this happening to the western countries soon as well if we continue on this course where people are in service of the economy and not the economy in service of the people. At the very least I can adopt one of these people and help them out this way.

All links, but two are in Dutch. Dorcas is an officially approved and monitored charity.

Information about the TV show | Adopt a granny (dutch) | Dorcas


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