Saturday, April 08, 2006


Responsibility for your own well-being is the keyword that right winged people, liberals and conservatives love to use. If you fail in life it's your own fault, if you succeed in life, it should be your own doing. Selfishness is promoted above all. While I agree people should take responsibility for their life, remember that the right's "own responsibility" includes being responsible for things you have no control over, being responsible for things totally out of your own hands and out of your own control, being responsible for every setback you fought so hard to prevent, but fate just decided otherwise. Remember this as you wear your suit, get laid off due to middle management being the first jobs to go due to merges, as your own company goes bankrupt due to factors outside your own control, as you lose your job to "cut costs" to please stockholders. Because yes, this too you are responsible for in their vision.

This society lost it's lack of responsibility for others long ago.....


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