Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sorry Darfur, maybe next year

The UN announced it is cutting it's food supply and relieve effort basically in half in Darfur. This because the wealthy nations of our wonderful planet Earth did not make true their promises of financial aid. The fact the international community has so far stood by as entire villages get slaughtered and genocide is being executed on a large scale is a crime onto itself of a magnitude one can not even be ashamed enough for. That an entire population is being murderd; men, women, children and even babies.... "hey we want to help, but right now we are 'busy'. Have some patience". This does not sit well on the eternal scale of human beings as being civilised and helping one and other.

What also bothers me now is that the little help that was promised was only just that... promised! A hollow promise that looked good on TV when it was made, but never actually backed up with action. Now the refugees there are cut back to the absolute minimum to survive and many more will die due to broken, hollow promises of aid. At least be so honest mr. Present to go on TV and proclaim "Sorry, we are selfish bastards and you are not getting a single dime!". Letting people starve is a horrible crime, but claiming your going to help when you fully well know your not makes it even worse.

The only good thing I've heard in this matter is that the Dutch government has promised (ohnoes!) to aside from the money already given, to give even more money to make up for the broken promises of countries like the US. Lets hope it's not another hollow promise.

And for the rest, another cartoon of my favourite political cartoon site: pre-emptive apology


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