Thursday, April 20, 2006

What kind an idiot is the Dutch goverment?

The Dutch government doomed to fail attempt to appeal to young people with the campaign "wat voor een eikel ben jij?" ("what kind of an idiot are you?") would normally not bother me much. One more attempt of the government to appeal to young people to become less aggressive and more respectable. But in this case I must admit I am a bit bothered. Not because of the campaign itself. But because of the website supporting it.

While the government officially is trying to promote open standards, open source and freedom of a monopolist, the website for this campaign is one huge Microsoft advertisement! The website is more Microsoft and MSN commercial then actually informative. Both top and bottom bars are completely filled with it. Not just does it make the website look very amateuristic (it looks like a free newsgroup made by somebody in 10 minutes with some online "community" creation tool), but with the accompanying video clip, commercials on TV and what more, tax payers money is actually used to promote Microsoft. A commercial company. Even if I was not worried about Microsoft's market dominance, why is a commercial company being sponsored basically with tax money and it's competitors being ignored? Public awareness campaigns should be add-free!


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