Sunday, May 21, 2006

Congratulations to Lordi

Last night I for the first time ever saw the Eurovision song festival, and I must admit I had a blast. This festival has little to do with "song". A nearly endless stream of euro-valium-pop, more based on performance then actual skill past the review. It's over the top smoothness, dress up Barbie dolls and Ken's made for a most amusing spectacle. But what made my evening was the Finnish group Lordi. A mediocre heavy metal act that much like Gwar like to dress up as monsters. A non-serious cross between Kiss and Gwar at best. The fact a metal act however mediocre (as there are so much better around) made it into this festival of dress up dolls was hilarious on its own. But even greater... they won!!

In an age where neighbouring countries pretty much just vote for one and other (Cyprus always votes for Greece for example) this band showed the hypocrisy and the overdone focus on imagery. While I am a huge metal fan and as such can tell you the band and song are an awful representation of what metal music stands for, it still in a way warmed my heart to see them win. And win by a landslide! Another act, one clearly also taking the piss out of the contest ended up 6th place I think.

What I also think this shows is that the formula of this festival needs to be redone. The Barbie's and Ken's need to make place for something more solid. The focus on huge acts and not on musical performance has finally stuck a fatal blow in the face of the organisers. The public also clearly showed they wanted something fresh, something challenging. And while Lordi to my ears is mediocre metal, it to a lot of people is something new. People are more and more tired of the slick, mass produced crap that they are being force-fed. Perhaps voting for Lordi can be best summed up by a lyric from an actually great metal band, Skyclad: "I'm sick of eating shit, can I try another flavour?".


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