Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Polish savage

One of the hot-issues in the Netherlands at the moment is the influx of cheap-Polish labour. One of the lesser issues about this debate stuck me this morning however. One of the owners of a firm that employs Polish people to work in the Netherlands was on TV in a small news/documentary about the issue. His, legal, workforce is housed in vacation homes in the Netherlands. There they have to follow strict rules 24/7. One of these companies even employ private security firms to check on the workforce.

What are these checks and rules about? That they clean up their bed, are not allowed to drink, when they get up, etc. These things are all OFF work time. No Dutch person would allow their company to send round guards to inspect if they cleaned their house and what they did in their free time. So why is this necessary exactly? Well our good company director explains...

In a very degrading tone he talks about "those people". How in Poland "those people" are used to washing themselves outside with a bucked of water. How "those people" are not used to tiding up their bed. If you in Poland stink people are used to that. But here you need to live to Dutch values (but not be paid Dutch wages). How "those people" think it's normal in their country to work with a bottle of Vodka next to them during work. In short, these backward savages have to be taught how to clean themselves and to keep of the booze. Next to providing them work, this director speaks with pride how he is bringing values and morals to these poor savages. These beasts of labour.... Except the wee bit about paying them normal wages of course.

I can't believe anybody can use such blatant lies to excuse himself with. And the worst part is, I think he actually believes it. How can you think and speak so degrading about others? And be so unnatural and think yourself so superior. I can start to understand why some people I know of what used to be eastern Europe, whom are just as advanced as anybody else (bah that I felt the need to say that!), are so protective and defensive about this. Bahbahbah...


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