Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Israeli-Lebanese conflict

A lot can be said about the Israeli-Lebanese conflict at the moment. A lot also has already been said. Some of it has been very wise, some of it has been very stupid (Bush speaking through an accidentally open microphone, showing this man is so far beyond incompetent its just sad). Both sides in the conflict also have valid and less valid points. But I think the thing that bugs me most at this point and time is the following.

Inside Lebanon there is a private army, Hezbollah, this private army is outside of control of the government. As far as I understand, due to religious differences within the Muslim community, as well as many other factors the Lebanese government would rather see them go then stay. This army is illegal, not government sponsored, but the current government is too weak to disarm them. Especially due to the foreign aid Hezbollah gets of countries like Syria and Iran. Not to mention Syria's residual influence over Lebanon and sometimes treating this country like a province they need to keep under control.

So, when Hezbollah attacks Israel, Israel attacks? Lebanese civilians! They bomb the infrastructure of the country (re-build with western money after their civil war) back into the stone-ages, they actively target Lebanese civilians and some of the weak (not involved in the conflict at all) Lebanese army. Aside from the horrific crime of directly and willingly murdering civilians, making them no better then Hezbollah, they weaken the government who was to weak in the first place to take care of Hezbollah? Talk about attacking the wrong target and the effects will be the reverse. Obviously now people will side with Hezbollah there, and the one force who might eventually be able to disarm Hezbollah gets weakened to a point Hezbollah can thrive and grow for decades to come.

I am in no way defending Hezbollah here, I think they are despicable. But if there is a conflict between 2 parties, why is 1 of these parties attacking a 3rd party essentially not involved in the conflict? One you actually need to strengthen so they can get involved in the conflict and solve it. And if you want to attack 3rd parties? Why not be a man and actually got for the real influences behind Hezbollah like Syria and Iran? (aside from that truly causing the region to explode).


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