Friday, July 21, 2006

Medical insanity

Hoogervorst displaying his intelectual powersFor those not familiar with the Dutch medial system I'll briefly explain. In the Netherlands the state takes care of all finances for medical care. Every civilian is by law required to pay for medical insurance and out of this money the hospitals and doctors are paid. Everybody gets helped, no requirements to fill in credit card numbers, etc. If you want more luxurious care, you can get extra insurance or go to a private hospital.

Today Minster of healthcare, Hoogervorst, announced he is considering cutting the budgets of all hospitals. Why? Because they spend more money then he had planned for it. The primary reason for this is that he himself miscalculated the growing demand for health-care. Calculating it at a rise of 2% and it turned out to be 4%. Hospitals are already starting to treat patients worse and worse due to having to cut costs, and they simply can not cut it any further. They can't make the base that is set for them. So what is this brilliant man's solution? Lets give them even less money.

Not to mention most of his cost-cuts actually cause higher costs. He cuts down on cheap prevention measures, causing more illness and higher costs for eventually treatment of long term health issues. He's the living example of the saying in the Netherlands that "if your completely incompetent to get a real job, you go into politics'".


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