Saturday, August 18, 2007

How two wrongs made one right?

Yes I realise I often ignore my blog for months, if not longer. Nobody reads it anyway so I am not to worried ha! Regardless, I thought it was time for another entry.

I doubt most non-Dutch are aware of the current situation within The Netherlands. Especially when it comes to the hate and fear of Muslims, or the general decline in morals and values (how I despise that term however). In recent years it has become quite popular to openly insult one and other, to be rude, generalise and overall show no respect for one and other. This has become the new standard in The Netherlands. If you disagree with this your anything from a freedom oppressing fascist, a left wing tree huger or "ignorant of the dangers in this world". It's penetrated every corner of society it seems. From politics to private live and of course the Dutch internet community as well.

I actually believe we became this way due to one incident a few years ago especially. The murder of movie maker Theo van Gogh. He was known for his extreme use of "freedom of speech". He for example loved to insult all immigrants by calling them "goat fuckers" publicaly on TV. Now I won't argue his freedom to say that (I do question it's wisdom). He got murdered at some point as it seemed his insults finally made some Muslim nuttjob snap. And there is no excuse for this! No body should ever be harmed, let alone killed, for his or her opinions or words.

I do think in this case we where dealing with 2 wrongs; the first is obvious. Murdering people ain't a good thing. The second is knowingly provoking people, insulting them. Bullying people to a degree that is humiliating and degrading. This is something Theo van Gogh specialised in, and now it seems most of the Dutch people have decided that because a wrong (murder) was committed due to another wrong (bullying and insulting) somehow this second wrong has become a right.

I always learned that two wrongs do not make a right.


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