Monday, September 10, 2007

Chronicals of the downfall of the western empire (part I)

"And we will abolish democracy to save it!" said the right-wing extremist, failing to realise he was the only real tread to democracy.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

It's strange that...

A jew comes to the rabbi and starts talking: "Where did I go wrong? All my life I've been teaching my son the best Jewish manners, from the very beginning, I've been spending most of the time with him talking about thora, I've paid him the best university education, and last week he came home and told me he wants to convert to Christianity... what did I do wrong?"
The rabbi answers: "It's strange that you are asking me... I have a son, from the very beginning I've been giving him only the best of Judaism, I've been taking him to the synagoga, then paid him the best university education, which costed me the most of my wealth, and some few days ago, he came home and told me he's converting to Christianity..."
The Jew asks him: "So what did you do?"
- "I've asked God for help"
- "And...?"
- "He said - It's strange that you're asking me..."

(source unknown - but I found it subtle and funny)